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STEM Study Skills Strategies Featuring Education Expert, Author, and Villanova University College of Engineering Administrator Dr. Stephen Jones

Augmenting our growing library of discussions that identify important strategies specific to the study of STEM, this episode features an insightful conversation with study skills expert, education consultant, and author; Dr. Stephen Jones. Dr. Jones is also the Associate Dean of Student & Strategic Programs at national champions Villanova University’s College of Engineering.

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Dr. Stephen Jones – Class is in session. Time to get ready for College. Dr. Stephen Jones is the special guest who talked about the value and power of getting ready for college early.

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My name is Tazhe Cooper I'm a senior in at Furness High School in Philadelphia, Pa. I have read your guide book and it was truly a blessing. I am already an honor roll, and your book has made me get even better. I recommend this book to everyone who has across educational problems. Is there a way my school can get a few free books because you have made a difference in the way I think and feel about my education.  I am going to attend West Chester for my Bachelor's in Elementary Education. I want to earn my M.Ed and Ed.D at Widener University in the Literacy Track Program. I am so excited about college, and I will continue to spread the word about your book! You’re an inspiration to me and I am so grateful.

Tazhe Cooper
School District of Philadelphia Student of the Year

I attended the Student Ambassador event at AI DuPont Middle School on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.  It was very informative as well as interactive. Dr. Jones was awesome and very knowledgeable.  The information presented is much needed in order to help students get organized as well as to help parents prepare their children for college. Mr. Martin is also to be commended for his hard work and dedication that he has for the Student Ambassador program and the student participants.

Michelle Williams

My name is Tunomukwathi Asino was present when I came to speak at Cabrini College earlier in the year.  I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge about study skills.  I earned a 3.3 g.p.a. which is a good start for me considering I just transferred from Namibia.

At Valley Forge Military College we have some of the best and the brightest. However, we also have a few students who are very bright, but have yet learned how to learn. Some of the fundamental measures Dr. Jones advocates in his work are the exact basics we stress to our students. Those young men who understand and embrace the way of Dr. Jones will do well, graduate, and proceed to greater challenges and greater opportunities. Thank you Dr. Jones!

Very respectfully and most sincerely,

John C. Church, Jr.
Assistant Professor, Valley Forge Military Academy and College

Your book offers very timely and accessible information for students.  Your motivational approach appeals to the participants in our GEAR UP program. Thank you for creating this essential tool for our student's

Edith Paige

I use Dr Jones's study principles on two of my children a 9 year, and a 5 year old and the results are extraordinary. Just apply the principles, and you'll get results. I can't wait to apply it on my youngest a 4 year old.

CEO, Mack Vision Entertainment

Congrats! On the success that you have made thus far. I purchased 3 books for my nieces and my cousin. I wish that their was some way that you could do a lecture out of the Pennsylvania area. My nieces live in California and they have benefited greatly from your book. By the way we were notified that my 15 year old niece is being listed in the Whose Who Among High School Students in America. Thanks to Dr. Jones.

Sharon Rolling

I want to thank you for presenting a series of study skills workshops for our TRIO students and parents. Your study skills tips are practical and extremely helpful. As a result of your training, I expect our students and parents to become more productive and organize in how they study.

Michael Robinson, M.S.
Director - Educational & Career Talent Search, A U.S. Department of Education TRIO Program

From the minute Dr. Jones began speaking, he immediately gained the attention of the nineteen Valley Forge Military College male cadets. Not only was he able to relate to them on a personal level, but a personal level as well. For example, he spoke to them of his own past experiences in life, as well as his overall advice to students. All of which he used in order to motivate them to succeed. In my personal opinion, Dr. Jones is a person who will continually strive to help those he comes into contact with. I would recommend his guidance to anyone because I found it to be extremely beneficial.

Ms. Jenny Yoos

Dr. Jones gave me some initiative by seeing everything he has accomplished in his life. It kind of pushes me to do more. I thought he was an overall good speaker and there was never a dull moment.

Jon Naegli

Dr. Jones was a great speaker who understands how teenagers work, study, and play.

Anonymous student

Dr. Jones really made me as an individual feel there is hope for the future, from all the accomplishments he has received and worked hard for. He really gave me some very good insight on how to study and receive better grades.

Thaddeus Mitchell

I believe that Dr. Jones’ appearance yesterday was very eye-opening.

Tyton Brunner

Dr. Jones was a good guy and I felt like I could talk to him about anything. He was a well rounded person and was extremely helpful. He is a very good role model.

Stuart Bateh

I liked how Dr. Jones told us stories of his past to make it more interesting. I am positive that his talk will help bring my study habits up.

Jake Bozek

Thank you for taking the time to come talk to our class. Your speech was very motivational and I got a lot of helpful tips from you and your book. I think you are a very intelligent man, so thanks again.

Tom Hildreth
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