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How To Parent’s Book That Teaches K12 Students To Excel

How to Parent’s Book that Teaches K12 Students to Excel

Do you know why K12 parent involvement is so important? A student’s parent is the first educator they will ever know. My passion showing parents how to help their child to succeed inspired me to write the Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide at My goal is to help parent’s to get better results from helping their children to have better academic preparation. No parent wants to see their child to fail. Children have different learning styles and parents and teachers must work as a team.  Do you want to feel confident that your child will earn better grades? My book reveals what you must do to improve your students K12 experience. Get my book for your family or encourage your school principal to purchase copies for its parents. Here are a few tips from the book:

  1. Set up a time for each child to study every day
  2. Students who read over an hour each day earn better grades
  3. Meet every teacher and ask questions. Work as a team to get your student the help that they need.
  4. Know the grades your child is earning by following their progress and getting help right away.  Get a tutor right away.
  5. Use 3 x 5 cards to review key words and definitions your child must know.
  6. Make sure that your child gets good rest before every examination.
  7. Get your child in the habit of studying for tests at least 4 days before the test
  8. Get other books that explain your subject better

Make it your goal to be an involved parent. Do not rely on the school to give your child everything. Aim high and expect the best for your child. Your words have power. Have a positive mental expectation that your child will earn good grades. You can get your copy of the Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide for yourself, your high school or community organization at

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