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How To Massively Turn Failing Students Around

How to Massively Turn Failing Students Around

Now that the school year is over it time to turn up your preparation for the next school year. There is a saying that insanity is doing what you’ve always done and expecting different results. Tell everyone in your school that change is good and ideas are welcomed. Everyone can contribute to the success of a school. Here are some things your school can do:
  1. Engage your students in creative group projects inside and outside of the school
  2. Flip the classroom and let students have many opportunities to review what they are learning on video
  3. Tell your students the ten things they must know to succeed in each section of your course
  4. Have an examination review to tell students in depth how to prepare for the examination. Always teach study skills and study habits.
  5. Find ways to give out awards and certificates to students who are not normally recognized
  6. Make school attendance a big deal and celebration all of the time
  7.  Implement an entrepreneurship program in your school. Get the Small Business Administration center and companies involved
  8. Ask parents to get involved in one specific school project each year
  9. Get your students involved in chess tournament it teaches great problem solving, patience and decision making skills
  10. Get your students involved in robotics competitions like First Tech Challenge

Now is the time to have a new vision for your school. Put pictures of successful people of all around your school. Put success quotes around your school. Have the students develop and vote on a school motto. Change is good. Help students to earn better grades and to believe in themselves. Time to take your students to the next level of learning. It’s up to you. Dr. Stephen Jones is an education advocate and author of the Seven Secrets of How to Study at Join his education newsletter at Contact me with your questions at 610-842-3843

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