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My Story

Dr. Stephen Jones was one of six children living in West Philadelphia. His father worked two jobs until he was almost 70 and his mother was a cook for young children. They both worked hard and taught him to have strong faith in God. Dr. Jones gets his determination to make a difference from them. As a young child, Dr. Jones was always questioning others and wanting to know more. Dr. Jones joined a community organization the Young Great Society because he wanted to play football but it became so much more. It is where Dr. Jones found his passion for community activism and finding ways to get the youth off the street. Dr. Jones graduated from We Toughen U. (University) where he majored in Peoplenomics long before he obtained a doctorate degree. You see youth gangs were prevailing in the neighborhood at first but the community leaders fought back and offered an alternative to the youth. Dr. Jones has made a national commitment to education and has helped thousands of K12 and adult students to graduate with diplomas and degrees.

Dr. Jones is currently President of SAJ Publishing. He is also the Associate Dean of Student in the College of engineering at Villanova University. For thirteen years he worked at Drexel University as Director of the SUCCESS/ACT101 program. He has received numerous awards for his dedication to students. Some of his awards include Distinguished Toast Master, Toastmasters District Award Winner, National Society of Black Engineers Award and Black Engineer of the Year Award. The Drexel University chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers recently named an award after him to acknowledge his efforts. The award is titled the Dr. Stephen Jones Award for Academic Excellence. It is presented to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence throughout their enrollment.

What I Do

Winning is what Dr. Jones is all about. For thirty-two years, Dr. Jones has helped students, parents and professionals to reach their dreams. He has delivered presentations on numerous topics including how to study, leadership, effective communication, organization, time management and innovative management practices. He is the author of three books titled “Seven Secrets of How to Study” the “Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide” and the “Ultimate Scholarship Guide.” These books provide an easy understanding of the essential skills a student needs to learn and prosper. Dr. Jones has managed to get his books into the hands of over 40,000 students and parents. It is hard work but he is dedicated to increasing the number of students who graduate and reducing the dropout rate. Dr. Jones says the future is now and we must maximize student’s ability to achieve their goals.

Call to Action

Are you looking for help to improve your school/community organization, increase your student’s academic success, get students ready for college/trade schools, help parents to motivate their children or for books that change your students academic performance? Dr. Jones can help you to reach your goal.Please accept a free 1 hour consultation as a personal gift from Dr. Jones to you.

He can provide you with valuable insights that you won’t want to miss. Sign up for your free consultation and get the better results for your school/organization. Comment on your available conference call dates and times

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